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Known is a great community platform for your online class. Run it with your LMS - or stand-alone.

Students are being spied on, according to the EFF's latest campaign. Are you aware of the issues?

When it comes to learning, we believe an algorithm can never replace real conversations. From @opencontent:

Congratulations to @EdinburghUni on the launch of their new Research Centre!

Hey, . Keep your notes and ideas on your own site while sharing them with the group:

Add easy-to-use social discussion spaces to your campus LMS via . Part of our campus plans.

Let students post in a group in a safe, private space, & then selectively post to social media. Control & a learning moment.

The way to deal with local data laws and policies: every school should be able to run their own apps, on their terms.

If you're looking for a social discussion tool where you have full control over your data, we're here to help.