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Information choreographer. User experience strategist. Co-founder of Known.

@mrkrndvs We no longer offer a free plan, but our subscription is great if you're a group of 1, or a group of 200!

@flpcrvlh OK. If you need help with your plugins and self-hosted site, you can post on the dev mailing list:!forum/known-dev

@flpcrvlh Have you set up your Twitter application and saved the API details?

@flpcrvlh Sorry to hear that you're running into problems. Are you using a self-hosted version of Known?

@RikMende Not at the moment. In the future, perhaps.

@RikMende It looks like you found a feature that snuck out a bit too early. That will be removed in the next release.

@OolongListens A number of the people we interviewed use podcasts for insomnia. Music/no music, content, and consistent volume is important.

Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman urges profs to ditch the lectures, move beyond the MOOCs, and embrace active learning.

For students applying for jobs in the digital age, talking to people is still key.

@anrikard It is in the works. Not secretly available though.