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Known Office Hours ~ November 20, 2014

1 min read

Pro, plants, plugins, and more!

Thanks everyone for joining our very first office hours!

Ben and I had a lot of fun, and we hope to keep doing office hours every few weeks. This gives us a chance to share updates on things that we’ve been working on and to answer any questions from people in the community.

We’re posting this video here for everyone who wasn’t able to join us live. Do you have questions or want more clarification around things mentioned during office hours? Ask them here!

Links and things we mentioned

Pre-sale of Known Pro –

Instructions on exporting data from various sites -

The Known developer documentation -

A community plugin for syndicating to Wordpress -

More on Bridgy -

More on webmentions -

Contact Known with questions –

@FANL3SS Ha, you're totally right! This is what happens when you write a post without grammar or spell check, just after writing a post about tools for writing better. :-)

@mrcranky The webhooks that we're adding as a Pro feature will make this doable. @mapkyca actually wrote some IFTTT/webhook code for self-hosters, but I haven't checked it out yet.

@C_LosRun We have to tackle the rhinos first.

@ekiledjian A lot of people have compared us to WordPress (because Known is an open source publishing platform) or Hootsuite (because we build in syndication to platforms like social networks) but our primary focus is on providing students and teachers with sites and personal spaces where they can share, collaborate, and discuss, while also syndicating assignments into learning management systems. You might be interested in one of our demo day videos to learn more:

@ekiledjian This is a great idea, and it's something that we've talked a lot about doing.

@ekiledjian We're working on a WP importer and it's *almost* ready to go. We're not working on anything for SquareSpace at the moment. Our big pushes right now are to get the features for Known Pro out in December, and - before the end of the year - to get out the initial bits of a new set of features that will allow you to find and follow other sites and more easily converse and comment from your site.

@jamesweiner Yes! Hoping to do a post on tools for collaborative writing soon and Poetica will definitely be in the mix.

We're the Known team and this is how we work

2 min read

We made you a little office movie!

We've been working out of the garage office of Matter Ventures since we started Known in May. It's been a lot of fun for us, and we love when visitors stop by. But we realized that many of you don't know where we work, how we work, or what we're currently working on. So we wanted to show you!

We made a little movie last Friday to give you an inside peek into our office and what the Known team is up to. We're currently working really hard to finish up the last bits of Known Pro. We're really excited about making that available in December. We're also working on a set of features that will make it easy to find and follow other Known sites. It will also make commenting and conversation between sites easier.

The Known Office Space

A few fun facts:

  • We're currently one of seven companies co-working at Matter right now.
  • There are more whiteboards than people here. Seriously, we have a lot of whiteboards.
  • Companies in the space follow design thinking principles (made popular at the Stanford so we have a lot of post-it notes. We also have a lot of permanent markers and whiteboard markers. Don't mix them up!
  • We eat a lot of string cheese here.

Let us know if you like the video.  We'd love to make some more in the future!