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How Minecraft, Legos, and duct tape help students develop skills for careers that don't exist yet.

On the Benefits of Teaching Students to Blog

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Blogging Student

If you don’t listen to EdChat Radio, it’s a regular podcast discussing recent discussions on Twitter. The June 9th covered the question, "As an educator what do blogs or blogging have to offer me or my students?"

A recent episode of EdChat Radio picked up the blogging topic and shared some thoughts on teaching students to blog.

From co-host Tom Whitby:

“To be honest with you, adults really no longer have the ability to give permission to kids to blog. Kids can blog anytime they want on their own computers. The computer today has become the publisher, and kids can publish at will. So I think that being the case, we kind of have a moral obligation to teach them how to blog responsibly and in the best possible manner.”

He continued, “In my experience, starting kids actually even in kindergarten -- with class blogs -- guiding them through how, not only to write a blog, but how to read and respond to a blog, are skills that are needed…With the older kids, it’s a little bit easier. It actually gives them an audience for their work. It’s not like doing a composition and it goes to the teacher, and the teacher is the only one who sees the composition. As they blog, they blog for an audience, and they realize they have an audience, and they have a responsibility to that audience. So the way they write, and their approach to writing, completely changes.”

Guest Barbara Gruener picked up the topic of reflection, reading, and commenting on blogs. She said:

“We can teach kids to be bucket-fillers all day long, but it takes it another step when they actually have a chance to use that gift of encouragement and affirmation in reflecting on something somebody has read. And even if it’s being a critical friend, and saying, “Oh gosh, you know, I might see this a little bit differently.” We don’t grow unless somebody stretches us and helps us move into another direction, so I love when a critical reader throws something my way and stretches me some.”

The group, along with co-host Nancy Blair, commented on how teaching blogging in the classroom helps students learn to comment constructively and responsibly. They also shared thoughts on the multifaceted uses of blogs: as communication tools, as resources, as catalogs, as archives, for reflections, and for building connections to people globally.

You can listen to the episode, “5 Valuable Skills Students (and Teachers) Learn from Blogging on BAM!Radio here.

If you missed it last week, we have a new video on using Known for collaborative publishing in your class or group:

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