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@krisshaffer We'd love help with Digital Ocean. You can contribute to via Github and then those installation instructions get brought into the user guides. For multi-author sites, all content appears at which is also the default home stream view, like this:

@krisshaffer We don't have any specific documentation around multi-user sites at the moment, but we're getting ready to add more guides to so that's great feedback. In general, the person who sets up the site is the admin and has access to the the site configuration section. That person can invite other users as authors. They can create a profile and update their account settings. The admin can delete users and can set other users to also be admins.

@OlalaWeb You might check this thread on Github and leave an issue there.

Thanks for the lovely postcard @kirilind! Good luck with OuiFest.

@mauriciocoopera Thanks. Glad it's working now.

@mauriciocoopera Sorry for the delay. Everything should be fixed now. Be sure to refresh your when you check it.

@mauriciocoopera Hi Mauricio, we've isolated the problem, and we're working on pushing a fix to make your site load.

@mauriciocoopera Thanks. We'll check on it for you.

@mauriciocoopera What is your blog URL?

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