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Information choreographer. User experience strategist. Co-founder of Known.

@camcallahan Sorry about that. Can you send an email to with your domain details?

@carlesbellver Hmmmm, we'll look into it. Thanks for letting us know.

@carlesbellver No, we're not showing any issues, and we are able to load your site. Are you still experiencing a problem?

@DeafThunder We don't have access to anything related to your site. It is accessible only to those with whom you to choose to invite in.

@DeafThunder Glad you got it worked out!

@DeafThunder I don't know what version you're running, but you can always find the last package - currently 0.8.5 - here:

@DeafThunder You will need to go to YouTube and click where it says "embed" for your video. You need to copy the code there. Then in Known under Post, click the link to "switch to plain text editor" and paste your embed code for the video there. That's how you embed media from services like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc. Does that help?

@DeafThunder Yes, it does work for us. Your site is private, so we can't see your post.

@DeafThunder Does your post with the embed code look something like this?

@DeafThunder For a post, you'll want to use the embed code that YouTube provides for the video. More info here: