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Teaching students coding skills opens them up to new mindsets.

- "Why Universities Need to Embrace Coding..."

@audreywatters I don't think you broke it. :-)
We're investigating, but it was likely an unfortunate coincidence.

We've rescheduled this month's office hours. Join us Monday March 30th at 11 am Pacific.

@audreywatters Things should be back up and running now. Sorry about that.

@nikolay You should find that things are back up now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We were scheduled to do Known Office Hours now, but we're going to postpone office hours until next Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@nikolay Yes. We're working on getting things back up and running right now.

@audreywatters We're on it! Things should be back shortly.

We're aware of some issues with the Known hosted service right now. We're working to get everything back up and running shortly.

Technology is increasing the value of edu content. "Why Free Is Not the Future of Digital Content in Education"