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@krisshaffer Yes, it's something that we've talked about adding. Thanks for the feedback.

@krisshaffer We don't currently have a way to show an RSS icon on the site with links to your various feeds. Is that something that you're interested in?

@krisshaffer Yup, we've got lots of RSS feeds built in.
You can get a feed for all of your content at and there are specific content-type feeds like for your photos.
If you use hashtags, you can also get feeds for each specific hashtag like (in this case, you'd need posts tagged #awesome).

Are you using authenticated with Twitter? With Bridgy, any replies on Twitter will get pulled back to your original post. This comment wasn't a reply to a Twitter post, it's a reply to a URL on your site, so it will go directly there.

@dougmckown Actually, you'll be able to subscribe to anything with a feed, and you'll be able to interact with any site that supports certain technologies, like web mentions.

@Bali_Maha We're building out something like a feed reader that will allow you to find, follow, read, and interact with others on Known.

@reed_barber Let us know if you run into any issues or have any questions.

It was great to see everyone at #indiewebcamp this weekend at MIT. Thanks to @mozilla, @esri, and @reclaimhosting for sponsoring!

@averybmiller You're in luck! We're working on just this thing. Stay tuned.

@christophersisk What device and browser are you using for mobile?