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@Bali_Maha Nope, iPad should work fine. The char count appears in the upper right on the same line as "New Status Update" once you type.

@Bali_Maha @jmenglund03 Yes, definitely useful for Twitter. We do already have a char count on the status updates and a word count on posts.

@Bali_Maha We're also working on a notification section and a reader for Known, but that isn't ready to release just yet.

@Bali_Maha Replies show up as comments on the original post on your site like this:

@Bali_Maha Welcome to Known! We don't have syndication to LinkedIn at the moment, but both LinkedIn and Tumblr are on the roadmap.

@jmenglund03 Let us know if you have questions or run into problems. I'm hoping to write up documentation around using Bridgy soon.

@jmenglund03 Hi Jennifer, you'll need to authenticate at to get interactions from FB & Twitter to come back to your site.

@jimgroom We owe you some updates as well. Bug with Chrome is just now fixed.

@Bali_Maha Not yet. We're working on a few fixes to make the sign-up process easier. Look for an email from Ben.

@Bali_Maha If you authenticate with FB on and include your Known site URL in your FB profile, it will pull in comments/likes.