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@benborges_ Indeed. Thanks for the report; it's fixed in the latest code.

Mad props to our shared hosting sponsors @DreamHost, who have an awesome deal right now:

@benborges_ Oh no! Sorry to hear this. Is there anything in your error log? If you post on the mailing list we'll do our best to help.

We think Apple is doing the right thing. Backdoors have a long history of being abused - and privacy is a right.

The support we've had from @mattervc has been phenomenal. Their sixth class is open for applications:

@RikMende We have something more web-based :)

Why we built Known:

@rikmende Yeah! We're huge fans of the app. We're doing some work thinking about personal APIs - conversational interfaces would work well.

@cogdog Did you find a solution? That looks like either an out-of-date Known installation or older plugin code to us.

We're proud to have signed the Student Privacy Pledge!