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@sikkdays It may have indicated a brief database outage possibly, depending on the host.

@sikkdays Which site are you having trouble with?

@chrisaldrich Consider it an easter egg ;)

@manusm_andreas We would love to invite the community to help us translate Known into other languages! We think it's important.

Publish in a group of up to 200 people. Now $6 a month for everyone.

@ChrisAldrich @ErinJo Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.

@timweston It's not linked to - although if you'd like it to be, we can do that.

We're a proud member of the @mattervc community, which just expanded to New York! Apply today:

@craigmblake It's starting to! We're working with universities like @davidsoncollege and @byu who are thinking hard about this. @kevinmarks

On the east coast? Believe in an open web? Indie Web Camp MIT is coming up on March 14th: