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If you're at today, @benwerd is getting ready to talk about in room I.

It was great to see everyone at this weekend at MIT. Thanks to @mozilla, @esri, and @reclaimhosting for sponsoring!

The Known team is in Cambridge for both Cyborg Camp and . Learn more: and

@loicmathaud We're not on IRC right now, although from time to time we're on on freenode. Email best for now. Thanks!

We're at the hackathon this weekend. in education is an exciting idea!

David Wiley (@opencontent) wrote a lovely post on Known, the , and education technology:

Gathering content in a space you control: doubling down on & journalism.

"The era of Facebook is an anomaly. The idea of everybody going to one site is just weird."

If you want to learn more about the , Homebrew Website Club is tomorrow at Mozilla SF:

We're super-excited to be a part of @mattervc's new class of startups! Watch. This. Space.