Earlier this evening. Getting ready for User Testing Happy Hour at Matter.

There's an exciting set of new features coming for Known early next year. We're testing concepts now.

Using our new KML output template, @erinjo is mapping her check-ins to her Known site. More soon! #indieweb

TGIF everyone! We launched Known in open beta this week!

Today's the Day! #matterdemoday #changemediaforgood

Everything's a go! We're getting ready for demo day with Matter.

Woot woot! It's the Known gnome doodle on TWiGoogle with @leolaporte

Thanks for bringing us up on This Week in Google, Kevin Marks! And thanks for the interest, Leo Laporte!

The next whiteboard doodle will need to be a podcasting, lifestreaming, crowd surfing gnome.

The crowd at Design Review 0

Ben is pitching Known

Preparing for the pitch

Tuesday is our first design review at Matter. We're presenting a pitch and a demo to the community. For many people in the new Matter class, it will be the first time they've seen Known in action. Ben's getting ready for tomorrow, and prepping for his talk.

Hanging with the Known Gnome

First full day at Known HQ