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From @mindshiftkqed - 5 ways to help students learn while working on maker projects.

We recently worked with @KQEDedspace to help launch their space for teachers - . Read more:

We're looking for a contract PHP developer for some immediate short-term work. Is that you? 📧

@timapple72 Hi, sent you a support ticket response. We're investigating.

Nice Known shout-out in Newsweek, as Tim Berners-Lee and others gather to discuss re-decentralizing the web.

@jeremyjmonroe Yes, definitely. It's there for the community to help each and provide support for other self-hosted users.

@mrkrndvs We no longer offer a free plan, but our subscription is great if you're a group of 1, or a group of 200!

@flpcrvlh OK. If you need help with your plugins and self-hosted site, you can post on the dev mailing list:!forum/known-dev

@flpcrvlh Have you set up your Twitter application and saved the API details?

@flpcrvlh Sorry to hear that you're running into problems. Are you using a self-hosted version of Known?