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The web is stronger with diverse voices. You are welcome here.

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Final stop

The web is the most powerful communications medium the world has ever known. We've never been more connected, which means we've never had the opportunities for learning, for tolerance and for a mutual, global understanding.

But we lose those opportunities if the conversations we have online, and the content we discover, comes from a narrow set of viewpoints.

Over the past six months, we've seen people ejected from online spaces for not using their real names (even when they were using the names they have chosen for themselves, and even, in the case of Native Americans, when they were using their given names). We've seen peoples' content removed because other people disagreed with it. And we've seen content removed because it doesn't adhere to a narrow set of corporate guidelines.

This is not what the web was supposed to be.

We think a diverse set of voices, and diverse content, are important for democracy.

We don't have plans to censor content on our service (although we must adhere to US law). We won't force you to use your real name or identify yourself in a way that you aren't comfortable with.

Most importantly, you don't have to trust us: we'll give you a full export of your content at any time, and to the best of our knowledge are the only service that will give you everything you've posted as static files, as HTML, as JSON, and as a complete SQL database export. Our platform works just as well on your own server as it does on ours.

To the diverse voices of the web, I would like to say: you are welcome on Known. Click here to create your free site, or click here to get our code to run on your own server.

Let's all learn from each other and make a richer web.