Self-hosted Known 0.7.8 has left the building

1 min read

We just released Known 0.7.8, which you can download from our website. Here are some of the fixes and changes:

  • Hashtags now handle unicode character sets
  • Bookmarks syndicate to Twitter
  • PubSubHubbub is now handled better across feeds
  • Linked tweets now auto-embed in status updates
  • Site URL in public comments is now optional
  • Installation now detects rewrite rule support more reliably
  • Sessions do not persist between http and https
  • Better mobile Twitter URL support
  • Internal web client is more configurable
  • Object annotations are included in JSON
  • Includes Vagrant and Ansible configuration files for easier installation

You can download the Known 0.7.8 package from our open source page.

If you prefer, you can get a free Known site on our fully-managed service.