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Introducing Convoy!

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We’re very excited to introduce a new service specifically for self-hosted Known users - Convoy!

Syndicating to different social networks is a key part of the Known experience for many people, but if you’re running Known on your own host, it can be a pain to set up and manage the various developer accounts and APIs associated with each social network and connected service. Convoy removes that process entirely.

Seamless connections

If you’re running your own Known site, you can still create developer accounts and manage API integrations with the various social services that you want connected to your site. However, if that isn’t your cup of tea, a Convoy subscription gets you one-click access and authentication with all of the social connections offered at You still own your data, and we manage all of the technical details.

Convoy features

Convoy currently offers connections to Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, SoundCloud, LinkedIn profiles, and LinkedIn company pages. We’ll be adding connections to Google+ pages, Wordpress blogs, and Tumblr sites soon. Convoy uses the existing Known servers to access these services, so you never have to create and manage a developer account with any social network.

As Convoy grows, we plan to expand the features to include search and notification capabilities for your site. Many shared hosts can’t handle robust features like intelligent site search and real-time notifications. There’s no reason your site should be limited by the technical offerings of your hosting company, and with Convoy it doesn’t have to fall short. Look for new features like these over the upcoming months.

Getting started

Social connections

If you have an existing self-hosted website, you’ll need to update your site to the latest Known package, and then enable “Convoy for Known” under Plugins. Then under Settings you’ll see an option for “Connect Services.”

If you are creating a new Known site on Reclaim or another third-party host, Convoy will already be enabled under Plugins. Under Settings you’ll see an option for “Connect Services.”

From the Connect Services page in your site, choose the “get started” button to learn more about Convoy and subscribe to the service. You can subscribe to Convoy for $5 a month or $50 a year. (If you’d like to purchase multiple subscriptions for your school or organization, contact us about bulk discounts.)

Authenticate with social accounts

Connected services

After you’ve subscribed to Convoy, the Connect Services page of your site will display a list of social networks with options to connect an account. Choose any network, click “Connect account,” and then complete the authentication process for that social network. You can connect unlimited accounts for any social network, but note that for some sites, you might need to sign into each account before you can connect it to your Known site.

That’s it! You can add or remove accounts through the Connect Services page of your site at any time. We keep the connections up-to-date so that you never have to worry about managing APIs and developer settings for that social network again.

Ready to get started with Convoy? Subscribe today.