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16 Online Tools to Make Your Writing Better

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We're halfway through November, which means many writers are currently deep into the NaNoWriMo process. Others are focusing on 30-day blogging streaks to build the habit of regular writing. I'm always on the lookout for tools that will better my writing and help me get more words out of my head. It can be challenging to open up a blank text document and stare at a blank screen while thoughts race through my head.

Known is a great platform for sharing articles, blog posts, or daily stories. However, getting through the writing can be hard. If you're currently focusing on your written word, here is a list of browser-based tools to help you compose. I've tried to include only tools that are accessible via the web and include a free version. In some cases, pro or premium features are also available.

Tools for Getting the Words Down

Writer App
The retro Writer interface

Writing on a computer can be hard. There are so many websites, notifications, and other distractions to pull our attention away. If you've ever struggled to corral your focus and get the words out of your head and onto the screen, then a distraction-free writing environment might be your savior.


CalmlyWriter supports distraction-free writing by giving you a minimal blank space to type in the browser. You can format your content with markdown if you'd like, and you can insert images into the text if you're working on a blog post or an article. CalmlyWriter allows you to choose between two type faces, a serif and sans-serif option. If you like the online experience, there's also a premium desktop app that you can purchase for extra features.

Use CalmlyWriter if you need a blank space online to get your thoughts down.


Maybe you're old school. If you've been craving a retro typing experience, Writer might be fun to play with. The default web interface gives you a monochrome monitor typing experience. However, if green isn't your thing you can customize settings like the font, the type color, the background color, and the typing click sounds.

Use Writer if you want to customize your writing space.


Quabel is a complete online writing space for individuals who want to create an account and save their work online. Quabel lets you write and save multiple documents in one online space. It also has a distraction-free writing interface and lets you do formatting with markdown. You can switch to night mode if you prefer typing in white on a black background. Quabel's writing goals let you set milestones around reading time, word length, character count, and more.

Use Quabel if you want an account for writing and saving your work. is another option if you want to create an account online for writing. The app gives you a free private notebook for your writing. You can type and save your work in a free, private, and secure account. Two-factor authentication is a premium option.

Use if you're interested in a private space online for writing notes and organizing them into notebooks.


If you struggle with getting through the writing process, Ilys might be an interesting app to try. The site lets you set a word goal, and then you type directly into a box, one character at a time. For people like me who regularly make spelling errors and typos, this experience can feel aggravating. But that's the point. It's hard to break the editorial mindset, and it's common to go back and make corrections and changes as you're writing. With Ilys, you can't see your whole work or make any changes until you've hit your goal.

Use Ilys if you need help killing your internal editor.

Chrome Browser Apps

If you're a fan of Chrome and want a quick minimal space for typing, take a look at Write Space and Writebox. Both are extensions to the Chrome browser that will give you a bare bones space for typing if you just want to pull open a tab and get some words down.

Use Write Space or Writebox if you want a simple extension in Chrome.

Tools for Editing Your Words

Hemmingway App
Hemmingway App grades your writing

Once you've got some words down, how do you make your writing better? These tools will give you insights into your writing and help you edit and refine text before publishing.


Wordcounter rates the frequency of words used in a body of text. It's great if you're trying to avoid repetition and redundancy in your written work.

Use Wordcounter if you need help spotting words that you overuse.

Cliché Finder

Don't get boxed in with clichés! If clichés are the bane of your existence, take Cliché Finder for a spin. This tool highlights clichés in a body of text and helps you replace phrases that are overused in society.

Use Cliché Finder to remove clichés from your writing.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a great tool for assigning a readability score to your writing. Paste in your text, and the site will highlight phrases or sentences that are hard to read. It also highlights adverbs, phrases in the passive voice, and words that can be more simple.  (This post has a readability score of Grade 8).

Use Hemingway App if you want to increase the readability of your writing and get more insight into your style.


If you like numbers and details, Grammark might provide interesting insights into your writing style. Grammark lists out potential writing problems and calculates a grammar score based on your writing. You can customize how your ideal writing score is calculated by adjusting sliders to set the numbers for things like maximum number of sentences with transitions or total spelling errors accepted. Grammar gives you an overview with a score, and then it breaks down more details around passive voice, wordiness, transitions, sentences, grammar, and nominalizations.

Use Grammark if you want more analytical insight into your writing.

Tools for Finding Different Words

Write Rhymes
Write Rhymes will help you find words with the perfect sound

So by this point, you've gotten something typed up, and you've spent some time removing words and editing your composition. But what if you need help finding the perfect words to get your point across?

Power Thesaurus

The Power Thesaurus is an easy-to-use thesaurus website that will help you track down a variety of synonyms and antonyms. Unlike other sites, the results are voted on by users, and you can extend your search with similar words, sounds, and terms that are frequently searched for with your initial input word.

Use Power Thesaurus when you're looking for just the right word.

Visual Thesaurus

This is one of my favorite sites for exploring words and associations, but it's only free for a few searches. The Visual Thesaurus will give you a better view into related words and connections. The words are displayed in a mind map, with nodes for nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs highlighted in different colors. If you're a visual person, it's easy to get lost in the network of similar terms. If this visual interface appeals to you and you want something similar that's always free, check out the dictionary site Visuwords. It's a bit more clunky, but it includes a similar visual representation of words and their related terms.

Use Visual Thesaurus for a mind map of related terms and words.

Write Rhymes

Oh how hard it is to rhyme,
When you're frantically searching for words all the time.

The Write Rhymes tool will help you find rhyming words in English. Type your word and get back a list of rhyming recommendations. Suggestions are broken down by number of syllables.

Use Write Rhymes if you need help rhyming in your next song or poem.

Bonus Tools for Industry Writers

oTranscribe makes it easy to transcribe from an audio or video file


Are your working on a screenplay? Plobot is a web-based tool that will let you do the writing straight from your browser, and it handles the formatting.


Transcribing audio? It can be a pain to switch back and forth between your audio file and your text document. With oTranscribe, you can upload an audio or video file directly into the browser space and type your transcript right below it. If you're using the audio content type in Known, this could be a great tool to generate a transcript of the recording to include with your audio post.

There you have it. What other tools help you with the online writing process? I'd love to know your favorites!