@colinmadland Flickr doesn't support status updates. Add a photo, on the other hand, and you should see it! @clintlalonde @reclaimhosting

@clintlalonde That's the one! We just updated it today.

@clintlalonde No need to change permissions in that folder. If you can't upgrade the plugin right now, try changing your tmp permissions.

@patlockley We're a PHP app (with hosted options). You can learn more about us here: http://withknown.com

@erinjo "Mr Watson, come here, I want you."

@find_erik Exactly! We're looking forward to you trying it out - our beta starts very soon.

We're at the #reclaimyourdomain hackathon this weekend. #indieweb in education is an exciting idea! http://reclaimyourdomain.org/

Here's how Known makes it easy to publish content on your own site & share it across all your networks: http://werd.io/2014/my-indieweb-life-how-my-site-gives-me-an-awesome

@misuba For now you'll need to connect your site with http://brid.gy. We're looking at ways to simplify this step.

@misuba Not yet, but we're thinking hard about how we can make the best possible community space for Known users.