@davebriggs No, that's going to be totally fine.

@davebriggs A single login for the hosted version is in the works. A way to connect & discuss with Known (& other) sites is also coming.

For the link http should work

Hello back at you! Welcome to Known.

@Thibros I love this! Such a beautiful picture.

Hi Markus. Welcome to Known! I'm so glad you're trying it out.
If you'd like to open up comments on your posts from people who don't have Known sites, there's an option under Configure Your Site --> Site Features for a plugin called "Public Comments" that will allow this. Of course, people with Known sites can also leave comments from their own sites, like I'm doing here.
If you haven't authenticated with Bridgy yet, check it out. That will allow your site to grab the comments from Facebook and Twitter. There's a post here that will explain more: http://stream.withknown.com/2014/getting-started-with-bridgy-1
Let us know if you ever have questions!

If you're at #iiw today, @benwerd is getting ready to talk about #indieweb in room I.

We're back at the Internet Identity Workshop #iiw in Mountain View today after some great demos yesterday. Say hello if you're there!

We believe that exporting your data should be a right. Here's how you can do it from popular services: http://freemydata.co/

We're here at the Internet Identity Workshop #iiw again today. Come visit us during the table demos after lunch to learn more.