Yes, we very much would like to give people the ability to find and follow other sites on Known. For our classes of students using Known, we built a custom hub that ties all of their sites together and gives them access to every other student's site. We're currently building something akin to a feed reader that would allow anyone with a hosted or self-hosted site to find and follow sites and interact with anyone who uses web mentions and open standards on their site (Known, some Wordpress sites, some other sites). We're prototyping these new features over the course of the fall.

@digitalocean @rhiaro A surprisingly large number of our features were written this way. Ask us about the Cartmel Plan.

@damienjoyce Wired also covered us in English over here: @look_at_em_poe

@udkantsadam Ok, thanks for sending this. Very strange indeed! We'll investigate and see if we can't get it working in Chrome on Note3.

@parzzix For now, you need to sign up with to bring in external replies.

@Veeyawn Sorry you've had trouble. We just released a new package this week, which you might have more luck with.

@thornedu It supports subdomain installs right now! Subdirectories are coming.

@bennettscience Sounds like that might be true. You could try setting 'path' in your config.ini to your full data path (with a slash at the end).

@bennettscience Aiiee, we know that feeling well. (If you're a Mac user, fwiw, we like TextWrangler.)