@zachwhalen We're deprecating Comics. The main differences relate to the text description - but it doesn't need to be in the core system.

@jimgroom We owe you some updates as well. Bug with Chrome is just now fixed.

@Bali_Maha Not yet. We're working on a few fixes to make the sign-up process easier. Look for an email from Ben.

We're pleased to introduce a new system logging module into the Known core system, written by @mapkyca. Thanks Marcus!

If you want to use Known on nginx, Elliot Tucker has written a great tutorial: http://elliottucker.net/2014/setting-up-known-with-nginx-indieweb

@Bali_Maha If you authenticate with FB on http://brid.gy and include your Known site URL in your FB profile, it will pull in comments/likes.

@zachwhalen We don't specifically support or have a plugin for Disqus at the moment. We do have a Footer JS plugin that works for analytics code and might work with the Disqus JavaScript, but I haven't tested that yet.

@zachwhalen Thanks for testing it out. Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues.

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@elliottucker Thanks for the feedback! The only real obstacle is mod_rewrite rules, which shouldn't be too hard to translate.