@TheDavidJohnson No documentation for Brid.gy yet, but we're hoping to get some posted shortly.

@mikeorren @EliotLandrum Yes, learning management systems are content silos just like sites like Facebook. The same principles allow for syndicating content to social networks or learning management systems.

@cplong We've been exploring the Diigo possibility for bookmarks.

@parzzix We've talked about this. Some people have added static pages themselves on Known sites they host. We might prototype static pages with our edu pilots first before adding it to the beta.

@finalcut We don't have a space for this yet, but we hope to have a section for plugins and themes on our website in the future.

@ruighean We don't have other languages yet, but we definitely have plans for localization. What languages would you like to see?

@itsscottwilder Hi Scott! We don't currently pull content in from any sources, although a lot of people have been interested in IFTTT. You can get an RSS feed for every type of content you post on Known which some people use with IFTTT recipes to do things like send bookmarks to Pocket, send pictures to other spaces, send notes to a calendar, etc. As for G+, sadly they do not have a writable API that allows another site to syndicate to a personal G+ profile. This could work for G+ page though. We're also working on a video-specific content type. Once that's launched, we'll have syndication options for networks like Vimeo and YouTube, just like we have Soundcloud for audio.

@bseymour Unfortunately, there's no way to change the subdomain at this time.

@eviltofu We do have an experimental plugin for this that we've been privately testing with a group. If you're interested in trying this out at an experimental stage, can you email founders@withknown.com for more details?

@BinaryDigit We've pulled an autosave feature for posts from the beta release because it wasn't working as expected, but it should come back soon. We're also working on a more formal draft status setting for later this fall.